Friday celebrations! 🎊

It’s Friday! 🥳 … and it’s time to celebrate the cool little things going on in our lives.

Here’s some stuff happening around my house:

  • Remember that surfboard I picked up a few weeks ago for $150? I just sold for $400! Craigslist win 🏄‍♂️
  • My wife got her annual free sweater from work, but it’s too big for her, so basically I GOT a new comfy hoodie that fits me perfectly! 🤗
  • My kid came home from school with 2 pennies and a dime, excited to put them in his piggybank. I have no clue where he found them, but I have somehow taught him well. Always pick up coins 🤣
  • It’s cold and rainy today in LA. And honestly I don’t like it. 😓 But, I’m going to celebrate it as if i do like it, and who knows, maybe something cool will happen and the day will turn out awesome? (Trying a little reverse psychology, on myself!)

What’s going on in your world? Big or small, it’s worth celebrating.

– Joel

Just some big chalk love hearts I saw at a nearby preschool.