Being happy on purpose!

“Happiness is an option. And misery is an option. These are both choices that you can apply to the same day’s events. Which option do you choose?” – Todd Tressider


– Today, start out with a smile. It’s a great day to be alive!

– Next, think up a nice comment to give your spouse or a loved one. (If you don’t have a partner currently, think of something you *would* say, then when you find that person one day you can tell them how long you’ve been waiting to say that to them 😍)

– Next, think of 3 good things that you’re looking forward to today. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. (For example, my car is being serviced today, and I have a new joke to try on the service man. It’s a tiny good moment, but I’ll be laughing all morning just looking forward to it.)

– Anticipate the challenges you have today. These aren’t “bad” things that are happening to you. Recognize that challenges will come up, and plan to have a positive attitude while you grit through them.

– If you have a spare moment today, text or call an old friend. Check in with them and keep the conversation uplifting and happy!

– While scrolling through your social media feed today… be aware of how you *feel*. If the news and messages get you down, take a break! Or try searching for only the happy photos and posts. Find 10 that make you happy and comment on those to encourage more of them.

Today will be a great day, if you choose it to be.
– Joel


Coops slept in the kitchen last night. Probably cause my wife is making chicken broth and it smells so good in there!