Someone broke into my car…


Someone broke into my car this weekend. They also hit several of my neighbor’s cars up and down the street.

Not much was stolen. The thief just ruffled through the compartments and left a big mess…

At first I was a little annoyed. It’s disheartening when crime happens on my street.

But my mood quickly changed. It’s moments like this that actually make me feel a deep sense of appreciation for everything I have in life.

– A person who robs cars doesn’t have much. I do.

– People resort to stealing because they are desperate. I have never been in such a dire situation.

– A thief steals because they don’t have a healthy support system or community. I have been blessed with amazing family, friends, and neighbors who teach each other what’s right and wrong in life.

Ultimately, the robber didn’t steal anything from me. And even if they did, they could take all my physical possessions… but they will never steal my sunshine, or my positive attitude towards life.

Have a great week!
– Joel

Worst guard dog in the world right here. This is the 2nd time he’s missed a robber on our street!

4 thoughts on “Someone broke into my car…

  • You’ve got a good attitude here. A few weeks ago a couple tires got slashed on our street. It was only cars in the street as opposed to in the driveway. My car was in the driveway. That same night our trash&recycle cans (and neighbor’s cans) were moved from the curb out into the street. That tells me it was kids. Why would someone move my trash cans five feet? Point is, the car tires issue is a bit concerning but doesn’t seem to be a safety issue. So the good attitude remains intact for most people.

    Our neighborhood has a facebook group and lots of people have those Ring doorbells that capture and save video. I haven’t felt the need to get one thus far. But I’m thinking about it now. I took a walk awhile ago in the neighborhood and paid attention to those doorbells. I’d guess somewhere between one-third and one-half of my neighbors have them. I was kind of surprised so many people have them as we don’t seem to have much crime here.

    • Tire slashing (or any vandalism) is annoying because there’s a big cost to clean it up. I’m lucky this event didn’t really cost me anything except 15 minutes of my time to tidy up. And disinfect my car haha :).

      A number of houses in my area have the Ring bells and stuff. It’s great that the neighbors are all starting to connect of FB and websites like Next Door. I’ve checked out our area sites before but most of the posts are about squabbles, not crime. I wonder if my rock drama made it on… I’m gonna check now!

  • By the way, I signed up today over at Budgets to follow you. While I’m aware of J’s work, I never really followed him No real reason for that other than you can only follow so many sites. Your work has clicked with me so I’ll follow along over there as well. Congrats on the new project!

    • OK thanks! I think my writing over at Budgets will be mostly finance focussed and I’ll keep my personal site more personal development and happy stories 🙂

      It’s fun connecting with a bunch of like-minded strangers and sharing our views on things. Thanks JR for following and contributing!
      – Joel

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