Do good and good things will happen 🚘

A few weeks ago I was at Hertz rental car with my aunt and uncle.

Like any travel shop right now, this place was busy, understaffed, and full of frustrated customers.

We had been waiting a while in line, and just as we were about to get helped a lady barged in front of us and begged us to let her go first… She said she had made a reservation months ago (so did we) had important travel plans (so did we) and was running late to her next appointment (so were we).

My aunt and uncle are really kind and easy going people, so they let the lady go first. It was quite awkward to watch though, as the lady was pretty rude never said thank you. 😞

Anyway, fast forward 10 minutes and it was finally our turn to be served… The guy behind the counter said, “I saw you let that lady go first, and I’d like to give you a discount on your rental car”.

The rate discount for their entire 3 week rental added up to hundreds of dollars off, plus they got a free car upgrade!

A kind act and 10 minute inconvenience in exchange for a massive discount… What a great deal!


Not sure if you’re traveling this summer… but if you are please remember to stay patient, be nice, help other travelers, and stay positive! The universe has a way of rewarding those qualities.

Cheers and happy hump day!
– Joel

Cool sign I saw yesterday… We’re all stuck in the same weather — it’s up to you whether you feel bothered or not 😎