Stop wishing. Start working.

Yesterday I was at a suit shop getting fitted for a tux.

As the tailor was taking measurements, I sucked in my belly and said, “I’m not usually this chubby, hopefully I’ll lose a bit of weight before the wedding”.

The tailor just smiled and said… “Yeah, ok. They all say that.”


This was just what I needed to hear! It got me thinking…

I could sit around and hope to get fitter, but really the only way I’m going to see any real results is if I actually work on it.

And now I’m also wondering… What other areas of my life am I just wishing and hoping will improve? Am I a dreamer or am I a DOER?

Wishing you a productive day ahead, making plans and actually *doing them*. 💪

Love, Joel

Found this guitar on the side of the road! It’s actually in great condition — anyone in the LA area want it?