Don’t celebrate too early!

A few weeks ago my wife came to me with some exciting news… She was getting a pay raise at work! She heard all about it on a conference call…

“Due to teachers having to work from home, the school is giving everyone a $70 per day pay increase!”

Woohoo! We opened a nice bottle of wine that night, we celebrated, we toasted to how fortunate we are in life…

But then her paycheck came… No raise.


I asked her to check with the payroll people.

She did.

And that’s when the real news came. Working from home means you get reimbursed $70 per month, to help cover your monthly internet bill. Not $70 per day. Ouch.

This is why I handle the finances for our family. There’s a pretty huge difference between per day and per month. 🙂

Anyway, my big lesson learned this week: Don’t celebrate too early. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

Happy Friday, all!
– Joel

PS. For those of you interested in my rental property updates, here’s a new post I just published: Rent Collection & April Updates During Quarantine

2 thoughts on “Don’t celebrate too early!

  • Hi Joe,

    The above circumstance goes to show that it makes more sense to take the news like a pinch of salt. Live it as though there is no increase. Anything extra will be a bonus and channeled to the investment portfolio which generate more dividends.


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