Fun times in Quarantine!


A few fun updates from Joel’s house…


– Yesterday, while wearing my face mask, I thought it’d be a good idea to clean the front of it with an alcohol wipe. Turned out to be a horrible idea. I nearly fainted. Lessons learned – don’t put chemicals right near the breathing hole.

– Speaking of disinfectant wipes, I just learned my wife has been using them to clean our dog. 🐕 I was wondering why his fur felt so strange lately!

– Wednesday, I was brewing beer and cleaning the kitchen windows at the same time. Somehow, part of the windowsill broke off and fell into my beer bucket. Since I don’t have the tools to fish it out, it’s just going to sit in fermentation for the next 2 weeks. 😬 I’m calling this batch “windowsill ale”.

– Last week my wife finally cleaned out her messy closet. She dug up one of my favorite old sweaters I’ve been missing for 3 years! As happy as I am, I have a sneaking suspicion she’s been hiding it from me all along. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I guess we’ve reached that sneaky stage in our relationship!

– This week we ran out of coffee. Our neighbors saved the day and generously gave us some of their fancy imported grinds from the Netherlands. How nice! I’ve been enjoying it all week, even though I learned it expired in 2013. 🙁

expired coffee


Have a great weekend everyone!

– Joel

4 thoughts on “Fun times in Quarantine!

  • I’ll use a lot of things that are expired. And coffee likely is just fine. But 2013 is a long time :-). My wife commented on how it seems we are going through coffee faster. Of course, I said, I’m home all day instead of drinking the “free” coffee at work! Sure feels like we are saving quite a bit of money staying at home even with spending more on coffee & booze. Where did you get the mask? They are unavailable around here and haven’t spotted much available online. We may end up making some homemade ones.

    • I’ve had the mask for a long while (I use a harsh acrylic to spray my painted rocks). Honestly it’s probably useless because they’re not made for constant re-use. We have an outage here for new masks too, and the N95s should be reserved for medical folk. Many of my neighbors have homemade ones, there are some awesome YouTube videos showing how to make them!
      Yes we are loving the savings while staying at home. But some categories, food/booze are definitely higher! 🙂

    • hahaha! It might just become the secret to a successful beer… “I import only the finest windowsills handcrafted in rural Germany, and lovingly drop pieces into the beer so that it may age gracefully”.

      Kidding aside, I haven’t tasted it yet. It’s aging right now in the Keg! Maybe next week I’ll have a sip!

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