Eating Humble Pie

I was so excited to go surfing yesterday…

I woke up super early, took out my favorite board, went to my favorite surf spot, and jumped in the water eager to catch some big waves!

And here’s what happened…

I sucked! As soon as I started paddling, I realized how out of shape I was. Quarantine has turned me into a little weakling. I was flailing around like a beginner, got smashed around by the waves, fell on my face a few times, and swallowed a bunch of seawater.

The ocean OWNED me.

My favorite thing about surfing is: Anytime you think you are finally getting good, the ocean reminds you just how small you actually are. You are always learning.

It was a good reminder to keep a modest mindset and approach to things in life.

I spent the rest of yesterday eating humble pie. And despite taking a beating, I am smiling ear to ear and will be back out trying again this weekend. 🙂

Humble Pie