Little Unknown Facts About Gratitude…


Little unknown facts about gratitude:

These are scientifically proven (by real scientists)…

– Gratitude makes you happier in the mornings when your alarm goes off.
– Gratitude makes you live longer… it extends your life span by up to 243%
– Gratitude makes you better at playing sports.
– Gratitude makes you a better dancer.
– Gratitude will chisel your abs and make you beach-body fit.
– Gratitude makes your morning commute to work less ‘trafficy’.
– Gratitude can cure the coronavirus (this is still being tested I think)
– Gratitude can help you find a boyfriend/girlfriend… It is 80% more effective than popular dating apps.
– Gratitude improves your marriage, and strengthens relationships with your in-laws.
– Gratitude will get you a promotion, a pay raise, and a corner office at work.
– Gratitude makes you relentlessly pursue and achieve your wealth goals.
– Gratitude is FREE

I don’t have time right now to show you all the scientific studies and evidence supporting these facts, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Maybe try some gratitude today? See how it works out for you?

Have a good one,
– Joel