Genius? or Idiot?

I’ve been having strange and vivid dreams the past few weeks. Have you?

Some of my dreams are completely whacky, apocalyptic stuff. But others are pure genius! Like solving a problem, coming up with awesome blog topics or millionaire business ideas.

A few nights ago I wanted to capture some of these genius ideas… So in the middle of the night, I woke up from a crazy dream and quickly typed out some notes in my phone. I thought it was pure genius!

Here’s what I found the next morning:

Can you decipher this? Me neither.

Perhaps I’m not a genius after all. Maybe I’m just a regular guy that’s subconsciously affected by all this weird stuff going on around the globe. Maybe I need to shut off my phone and computer for a few days and reconnect with my inner self.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Stay safe, and I wish you peace in whatever indoor activity you are doing.

– Joel

PS. What are you dreaming about? I can’t be the only one…