I am an idiot #3 🙋‍♂️

In 2013 I bought 25 x shares of Tesla.

I got really excited, because the stock prices rose immediately. I picked a winner!

So, a few weeks later I sold those 25 shares and made $900 profit! Woohoo!

I am an idiot for selling stock

Then, I went to all my friends and bragged that I was an awesome investor…

But today, I am a fool.

If I had just held onto those 25 shares and not sold anything, my investment would now be worth $69,422.


I share this story because the next time you make a silly financial mistake, think of me and my $70k lost opportunity.

All I needed was a little patience. 🙂

Lesson learned.

Happy hump day, friends!
– Joel


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2 thoughts on “I am an idiot #3 🙋‍♂️

  • I recall holding TSLA (the stock) for awhile in 2018 or 2019, don’t remember the exact timing. I told a colleague that I felt Tesla (the company) was going to change the world. But I didn’t have the same conviction or confidence in TSLA (the stock). So after awhile I sold it as I got more anxious about their financials. I try to not have regrets on stocks as you’ll get some right and some wrong. But if you keep making lots of solid decisions on investing, more will go right than the other direction. And the end result is success despite what might be happening in the short term. That’s my perspective anyhow.

    • Over the years I have moved away from individual stock investing altogether. Now I only invest in index funds. There might be less return, but I’m happy investing passively and not sinking any time and thought into things. 🙂

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