Learning from Michael J Fox…

Do you know how many college degrees Michael J Fox has?…

Over 5! All of them are doctorate degrees.

BUT… do you know how many years Michael J Fox actually attended college?

Zero. Zip. None.

How? Well, these were all honorary degrees. Top colleges around the world recognized that Fox had learned all the same knowledge (and more) that they teach their students at school. Fox acquired the skills and knowledge in a non traditional way, and earned the highest degree possible.

Sometimes I have limiting beliefs about my own personal knowledge and skills. I think things like…

  • If I didn’t learn it in school, I’m probably not very good at it.
  • Others my age have a head start in xyz subject, and I’ll probably never catch up
  • I don’t have the time or money to learn new things
  • Xyz seems too hard, so I better not even try

But then I remind myself of Foxy’s story and accomplishments. It inspires and motivates me to learn more, do more, and never put a limit on the things I can achieve in this life.

I’m not sure if you have any limiting beliefs about your education…. But if a high-school drop out actor like Michael J Fox can become a Doctor of Fine Arts, Doctor of Medicine, and Doctor of Law without even attending school, YOU can definitely learn and achieve the difficult things you set out to do in life.

You’re smarter than you think you are!
– Joel


*Fox photo up top by Alan Light on Flickr!