Let’s try this again… Your 2021 Playbook

Last year taught me that sometimes stuff doesn’t go as planned.

You could design a kickass playbook for 2021, but there will still be events that throw you off course and mess up your plans. Events happen that are outside of your control.

But, what we can control is a) how prepared we are and b) how we respond to events.

So, add these character traits to your 2021 playbook…

To prepare better:
– Be more accepting of change
– Be more open minded and flexible
– Think longer term
– Stockpile enough to share (stories, happiness, love)
– Set up contingencies

To respond better:
– Forgive more
– Think of solutions not problems
– Appreciate what you DO have, vs don’t
– Search for the hidden opportunities when shiz hits the fan
– Be empathetic to other peoples situations
– Work towards a greater good, together.

By improving and working on ourselves, our 2021 will be less rocky. Good character traits serve you well no matter what the year brings. 🙂

Happy New Years! Cheers to a fresh start!
– Joel

Happy New Years 2021!!!