Lucky Ducky

These are the winds of luck

The winds of luck are always flowing and drifting around us.

Many people think catching luck is a random thing. And while sometimes this is true, most luck isn’t random.

Luck comes to people who take more risks…

The more risks you take, the more luck you catch.

Doesn’t have to be huge risks. Small things will do. Stuff like:

  • Ask more questions
  • Ask dumb questions
  • Tackle problems you’ve never tried before
  • Open conversations with strangers
  • Share your feelings with your friends and be vulnerable
  • Volunteer
  • Listen to a self-improvement podcast
  • Break your routine (maybe try getting up 1 hour earlier than you do now)
  • Say yes more when people invite you to do stuff

Every tiny little risk you take hoists your risk sail higher.

Try it and you’ll notice more and more luck comes your way in life. 🙂

Cheers to a great weekend! Hoist that sail!
– Joel