Life breather

“You’re either a life breather or a death breather… Do people want to have you around and you draw people in with your energy? Or do folks see you coming and dart into the restroom to not have to interact with you? Do you see a problem at every turn or do you see opportunities?” – Jon Randles

Someone shot me this quote yesterday. I love the term Life Breather.

Everything you think, say and do has an effect on the people around you.

  • Are you breathing life into situations?
  • Do you enhance and elevate the experiences of those around you?
  • Do you have a positive outlook and attitude towards life?

Something to keep in mind as you’re going about your day.

Be a life breather. 😗💨

Make it a good one,
– Joel

*Fire breather pic by Daniel H. Tong on Unsplash!