Lose the Ego

staring contest with dog


Last week, I overheard 2 people arguing.

From what I could tell, nobody was particularly right or wrong. Each person was just trying to push their ‘correct’ point of view down the other person’s throat.

The disagreement lasted way too long and everybody lost in the end.


I hate to admit it but sometimes I do this. I get a little high and mighty during conversations and my ego blocks me from seeing other people’s perspectives.


So I’m writing this list down to remind myself when I get into a disagreement:

1) Drop the ego. The bigger your ego, the more everybody loses.

2) You can learn something new from anybody, even people you don’t like.

3) Give people a break, you don’t know their full backstory or what their going through. (especially right now in quarantine!)

4) Discussions are not competitions. You can’t learn anything if you think you’re always right.

Cheers, to another lovely day!
– Joel


*Pic up top: A staring contest with my dog when he was a puppy. He used to win back then, but I can beat him these days 🙂