Routine; It’s Lethal.


If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal!” – Paulo Coelho


Getting up at 5am every day is working well for me. The pros still outweigh the cons and I have 2-3 hours of morning freedom.

But, sometimes I notice myself slipping into unproductive morning routines.

– Rushing straight to the coffee pot as soon as I wake up
– Sitting at the computer for 3 hours straight
– Reading news, checking the stock market, social media
– Daydreaming, worrying, overthinking

Routines are important, but it’s just as important to regularly review, and break them if necessary.

Today I’m shaking things up. Maybe you’re in the same boat?

Have a good one,
– Joel

Coffee routine

This is my horrible attempt at making a cappuccino. How do the baristas make those fancy patterns with the foam on top!?