Marriage Advice Quotes – From 27 Real Couples…

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Here are the results from the marriage advice survey this week.

27 couples ranging from 6 years all the way up to 50 years happily married. Thank you to everyone who participated.

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Marriage Advice Quotes:

“Friendship, Communication & Honesty”Yvonne & Gerard, 50 yrs

“it’s not always 50/50. both partner’s have to pick up the slack. 75/25 at times. also make marriage your lifetime commitment! if you have the “well we see how it goes” attitude, don’t get married! if you know and love this person enough they are worth a lifetime commitment.” Randy & Tina, 47 years

“Be willing to “give-and-take“…”ebb and flow”… just like the waves in the ocean “lap in and out”💕and laughing together helps💕” Maureen (your favorite kindergarten teacher Murph 💕) and Tony, 47 years

marriage advice
(Murph also sent this posting from 5 yrs ago)

“Marry your best friend. Build many shared hobbies and a couple of independent ones.”Steve and Janet from Arkansas, 43 years

“Remember all the reasons you chose to commit to your spouse when you initially made that decision. Time will change many things, including some of those aspects of your spouse you once found so endearing, but remembering what you loved so much about them all those years ago will help you navigate the inevitable impact of the passage of time upon both of you. He or she may not be the person they were all those years ago, but neither are you, and that’s okay. Adapt, adjust, accept, and above all, stop and smell the roses along the way.”John and Laura, 39 years

“Connect daily 15 minutes. Date weekly. Withdraw together yearly, for time away or home alone to dream together. A great marriage doesn’t just happen any more than just going for a walk and ending up on Mount Everest. But if you plan, and prepare and train, the result can be awesome.”Gary and Lisa, 37 years

“After the euphoria of dating, marriage can seem like drudgery. Determine to continue to make time for dating and cultivating the relationship because there is a direct correlation between effort and success. Discover each other’s primary love language and learn to speak it fluently!”Mike and Debbie, 36 years

“Always say I Love You – people take this for granted but it means so much especially when you’re having a rough day. Those three little words can get you through a lot”Lisa and Bentley, 35 years

“YOU shouldn’t be working against each other, there are plenty of people who will do that! YOU are working as a team. Words matter – don’t disparage your spouse or air dirty laundry to your family and friends- they will remember the bad stuff long after you have patched it up with your spouse. You should be your spouse’s biggest cheerleader, publicly! 🙂 If there are issues – talk them out with a confidential counselor!”J & M, 35 years

parents marriage advice quotes
(My parents have been married 38 years! This was taken in 1984 when Mum was pregnant with me)

“Park your ego at the side of the bed every morning when you wake up. Success in marriage is a ‘we’ equation, not a ‘you’ equation.”Matt & Gigi, 34 years

“Put each other first. All the money, success etc means nothing if your spouse/marriage is not a joyful priority.”Tim & Sherri, 34 years

“Have friends and hobbies outside of each other. You can’t always do EVERYTHING together. Sometimes a little separation is good for the souls!” Tamra & Keith, 29 years

“Don’t rush into marriage. Get to know the person first. Be sure you are friends first. Be sure each person is comfortable with the other doing things on their own as well.”Ray & Michele, 29 years

“I know most people say never to go to bed angry, but I disagree. Sometimes a good night sleep lets you cool down and put it all into perspective. Maybe something that mattered during the fight, in the light of the sun, does not seem that important to remain angry about.” – S & T, 26 years

“Set aside time to talk. Be a good listener.” Francis and Dorothea, 22 years

“Your spouse is not a mind reader. It’s up to you to communicate what is going on with you, your hopes and fears, and then let that vulnerability become an anchor that you can count on each other for, no matter what the circumstances.”Jonathan and Michelle, 21 years

“Listen. The duty of love is to listen.” – Rosie & Tom, 21 years

“I like to think that every problem we have has a solution, and you both have to be committed and stubborn in your belief that it can be fixed because you love each other. Don’t give up. Also celebrate the all good moments and constantly remind yourself of all the ones in the past and the ones to come in the future.” – Steph, 20 years

“Be patient and don’t try to change your partner, accept whom they are or not! Third time lucky😊”Darlene & John, 20 years

my wedding day advice
(Wife and my ceremony, 2015)

“Have fun with the one you love. Take it slow, everything happens for a reason.”Billy and Carolyn, 19 years

“Grow together so you don’t grow apart. Find things you like to do in common so even when kids are grown and gone you enjoy spending time with each other!”Mike and Brandy, 19 years

“Say your vow’s to each other, every year on your anniversary – it’s a good reminder. You have to set aside your ego in a marriage, never forget to show each other respect, especially if you disagree.”Steve and Kara, 12 years

“Be selfless. You exist as one. Use the word “we” more than the word “I” or “me”. Fights will happen. Make them about “us” vs. “the problem” rather than “me” vs. “you”. Pride will kill a marriage. Saying “I’m sorry” will save it. Set goals together. Achieve together.” – Joe and Hope, 10 years

“Don’t try to live up to outdated stereotypes. Don’t try to do it all or you’ll get burnt out and resent the other person. ask your spouse for help.”Eva and sasha, 10 years

“Happy wife , happy life”Andrew and Megan, 7 years

“Focus on the things you like about your partner-don’t dwell on the things you don’t”Amy and Phil, 6 years


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