Less is more? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

This weekend: Less is more! (unless it’s kindness, love, laughing, intimacy, compassion, generosity, happiness, creativity, fun activities, sunshine….) Hang on a sec, I change my mind: More is more! Wishing you a great weekend, packing it with stuff you love. 😎 Love, Joel “There was no one here at 6am” — From my buddy Cullen Read more about Less is more? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ[…]

Happy V Day! πŸ’• I love you.

I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you. – Paulo Coelho Today (and every day) the universe is on your side, conspiring to place amazing people in your life. Let’s all celebrate love today. It’s what makes life worth living πŸ’• Happy Valentines Day, beautiful people! Love, Joel Pacific City, Read more about Happy V Day! πŸ’• I love you.[…]

“Happiness is love. Full stop.”

Ever heard of the “Grant Study“? It’s one of the longest running studies ever done on human development… It started in the 1940’s when researchers at Harvard Medical School followed 268 college graduates, and studied them for next 75 years! They met with these people regularly through life and measured a bunch of psychological, anthropological, Read more about “Happiness is love. Full stop.”[…]

Reminder: 100 days until Valentines Day 2022

Happy Friday, beautiful souls! This is your annual reminder that starting tomorrow (Saturday Nov 6th) it’ll be exactly 100 days until Valentine’s Day 2022! So if you want to try making the most romantic (and FREE) Valentine’s Day gift of 100 love letters, tomorrow is the day to start. About ~15 people did it last Read more about Reminder: 100 days until Valentines Day 2022[…]

Marriage Advice Quotes – From 27 Real Couples…

Good morning everyone! LOVE is in the air. πŸ’• Here are the results from the marriage advice survey this week. 27 couples ranging from 6 years all the way up to 50 years happily married. Thank you to everyone who participated. Here we go!… ***** Marriage Advice Quotes: β€œFriendship, Communication & Honesty” – Yvonne & Read more about Marriage Advice Quotes – From 27 Real Couples…[…]

Appreciating true friendships…

I received this beautiful email yesterday from a reader, Nesrin, and wanted to share it with you all (with her permission, of course)… πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ ***** About changing the world , I have this one friend that did change my world .. Her name is Mayssa , and she’s literally the kindest person you can ever Read more about Appreciating true friendships…[…]

Enjoying the journey!

Happy Saturday, lovely people!! This morning my wife and I are driving to Las Vegas!! 🎲 …then to Salt Lake, then Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, up to northwest Montana, then back home to California! A friend of mine commented… “That’s like 40 hours of driving time! Won’t you get bored? Why don’t you fly, it’s quicker!?”… Read more about Enjoying the journey![…]

Officiating my friend’s wedding – [Officiant Speech Script]

This past weekend I was the officiant at my friend’s wedding ceremony in Los Angeles. Rather than using a canned officiant speech script, I wanted to write a custom ceremony that meant something to me, as well as the bride/groom. It might be the only time I’m ever officiating a wedding speech, so i wanted Read more about Officiating my friend’s wedding – [Officiant Speech Script][…]

Love is in the air… πŸ’•

Happy Saturday, beautiful people πŸ’• Today, my good friends are getting married!! And they asked me to officiate the wedding ceremony. It’s a big mistake on their part… Not because I’ll say something embarrassing – but because I always cry like a baby at weddings. And while practicing my speech over the past few days, Read more about Love is in the air… πŸ’•[…]

A few Friday love stories for ya…

Last Friday on my volunteering shift, I got a special assignment… One of the clients has been requesting some pie for several months. The standard issue meals can get a bit bland, so he’s been asking constantly if meals on wheels can bring him some pie – to change things up. So last week, one Read more about A few Friday love stories for ya…[…]

100 x Days Until Valentines Day! 😍 – Gift idea

Starting this Friday (Nov 6th), it will be exactly 100 x days until Valentine’s Day 2021. Woohoo! Now, if you are hopeless romantic like me, you’re probably trying to think up new ways to impress you’re partner, lover, crush, baby boo or main squeeze… So here’s an idea that I used last Valentine’s Day that Read more about 100 x Days Until Valentines Day! 😍 – Gift idea[…]

Showing love when someone’s being an asshole…

Yesterday I saw someone texting while driving and they nearly hit a bicyclist! 😠 Later, I saw another driver throw a cigarette butt and some trash out of their window. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Last week, one of my friends posted an extremely insensitive comment on social media.😞 I came across this comment recently… “It’s okay that we Read more about Showing love when someone’s being an asshole…[…]

Love thy neighbor…

Love thy neighbor means: Love thy black/brown/yellow neighbor. Love thy LBGT neighbor. Love thy neighbor that goes to a different type of church than you. Love thy different political views neighbor. Love thy homeless guy that lives at the dog park neighbor. Love thy dress different neighbor. Love thy moved here from another country neighbor. Read more about Love thy neighbor…[…]