“Mirroring” builds rapport and trust

Want to build trust quickly with someone you just met?

Try this technique I just read about called mirroring.

Basically you imitate (or mirror) the other person’s body language, expressions, and the way they talk. It shows the other person that you are alike, and it’s a subconscious sign of bonding.

Try this when you talk with people:

  • Smile when they smile, laugh when they laugh.
  • Mimic posture and body language, sit the way they sit.
  • Repeat the last 3-4 words they say in a sentence.
  • Match their emotion and enthusiasm during a discussion.
  • Use gestures and expressions similar to theirs.

As humans, when we copy each other, we comfort each other.

It’s not only a faster way to connect with people, it’s a nice thing do to make others around you feel more comfortable.

Cheers to good Monday and fun week ahead!
– Joel

A friend tried to draw a picture of me during a game of Pictionary last week. I’m a little annoyed he didn’t get my nose quite right – but everything else is pretty accurate I think 😉