“Mirroring” builds rapport and trust

Want to build trust quickly with someone you just met? Try this technique I just read about called mirroring. Basically you imitate (or mirror) the other person’s body language, expressions, and the way they talk. It shows the other person that you are alike, and it’s a subconscious sign of bonding. Try this when you Read more about “Mirroring” builds rapport and trust[…]

Feel | Felt | Found – A cool trick I learned in sales

This is an old sales tactic I was taught many years ago. It’s helped me in my sales career, but more importantly it also helps me A LOT with personal situations outside of work. It’s called: Feel Felt Found When someone comes to you with a problem, an objection, a complaint, or a narrow mindset… Read more about Feel | Felt | Found – A cool trick I learned in sales[…]