20 x Mondays left this year

Monday Mindset:

I used to dislike Mondays. A lot of people do.

I used to wake up and think of the bad things the day would bring. I pictured all the crap I didn’t like about my work, life, or other people.

And instead of changing the things I didn’t like about my life/work, it was easier to just ignore them and blame “Monday”.

But a few years ago I decided to change my mindset. I wish I had done this sooner…

Instead of thinking of negative things when I woke up, I thought of positive things. I forced myself to look for the good that’s gonna happen. I started sharing positivity with others. For the things I didn’t like in my routine and work, I made changes. I realized Mondays are just like every other life-day.

And now I love Mondays. Mondays are easy. Mondays are fun.

If you’re a person that doesn’t like Mondays, I encourage you to change your mindset.

There are 20 Mondays left in this year. Try thinking positively about them. Figure out the little things you don’t like and make small changes.

Try it out for the next 20 Mondays. If things improve, you may have just saved the future thousands of Mondays you have left to live in your lifetime.

Have a good one!
– Joel

Beautiful Monday