No complaining until April 1st!

I found a cool trick to help me create a habit of complaining less…

It started last month when I realized I was complaining a lot to my wife. Every day when she got home from work I would unload the details of my day on her and complain about all the little things that annoyed me.


“Complaining is slippery slope. It’s addictive. It starts by leaving a sour taste in your mouth about things you don’t like, then it bleeds into other areas and ruins the activities that you do like!” – J.O.


Realizing I was forming a bad daily habit, I made a hard stop. I promised myself:

“No more complaining until March 1st!”

For the remainder of February, when something bothered me that I would usually complain about, instead I made a mental note about it. My plan was to store up all my complaints into a big complainy-list and unload them all on March 1st.

But a funny thing happened… When March 1st came around and it was time to complain, I thought back to all the things on my list… I forgot about 50% of them, and the remaining 50% of my complaints were so small and insignificant, they didn’t warrant another second of my time.

I’m trying this trick again for March. No complaining until April 1st!

Care you join me?

Sunset at Dockweiler Beach

Sunset at Dockweiler Beach on Thursday!