A One Degree difference – The Compound Effect

Imagine an airplane leaving from Los Angeles flying direct to Rome, Italy. The flight will take about 12 hours if the plane goes in a direct and straight line.

But, if the nose of the airplane is pointed just 1 degree off course to the south, after 12 hours the plane will land somewhere in Tunisia, Africa! If it’s 1 degree off course to the north the plane might land in Slovenia or Austria!

A teeny weeny difference in direction has a huge effect in outcome over a long distance.

It’s the same with our teeny weeny daily habits… Small activities repeated over and over again have a huge impact on who we become later in life.

Take a quick sec today and assess your good and bad daily habits. As seemingly minor as they may be, you could wake up one day in Tunisia and not know how you got there.

– Joel

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