Picasso’s Napkin

One day, a lady spotted Pablo Picasso sitting at a french cafe…

She ran over to him and asked, “Are you Picasso, the famous painter? Would you please sign my napkin and draw something?”

Picasso said yes, grabbed the napkin and made a quick drawing. But before giving it back to the lady he said, “That will be 100,000 euros, please”.

The lady was shocked! She asked Picasso “how can you charge so much for something that only took you 5 minutes!?”

Picasso replied, It didn’t take me 5 minutes. It took me 40 years. If it was just a matter of 5 minutes and a napkin, you would have done it yourself.”


Dear person reading this:

Some people in this world will not value your work or experience. (there are many that will).

But the most important thing is that YOU value your work and experience.

You’ve busted your balls for years to know what you know and do what you do. Let this Picasso napkin story be a reminder that your value and worth is way higher than you think (and definitely higher than what others might think).

Have an awesome day ahead, you talented one of a kind beautiful human being.
Love, Joel

picasso napkin story

I first looked up and saw a treble clef 🎼 in the clouds. But after I snapped the picture and turned it upside down it looked like a seahorse! Anyone want to buy this picture from me? It’ll be $100,000, please.

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