The sun vs. the wind…

One day, the sun and the wind had a competition to see who was more powerful…

The wind said to the sun, “you see that man down there in the park? Let’s use our powers to see who can make him remove his jacket first.”

The wind tried first. He blew wind as hard as he could at the man with mighty gusts… but the man clung on tight to his jacket and braced firmly. The wind failed to get the jacket off.

Next it was the sun’s turn. But he used a different strategy… Instead of shining as bright and hot as possible and scorching the man, the sun beamed very light and gentle rays down to the park and made it a perfect temperature.

The man loved the gentle sun rays, and wanted more, so he removed his jacket to feel the beautiful sun on his skin.


Good morning, y’all!

Just a quick reminder for today… Being gentle is a strength. Being kind is a strength. Making other people comfortable is a strength.

Sometimes showing your true “power” —> means using more brains and less brawns.

Have an awesome day ahead!
– Joel

sun vs. wind story
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