Priority vs. Priorities

Did you know… 100 years ago, there was no plural for the word “Priority”?

Priority means the 1 most important thing.

But over time, humans got really busy. We started multi-tasking. We came up with new words and now “Priorities” exists.

Priorities just means ‘important stuff’. It’s a diluted version of the original word.

I learned this yesterday when someone asked me what my priority was. Not priorities, just priority. I could only choose 1 thing.

It was hard to choose the most important, because I had 15 important things circling around in my head. But after some deep thought, I was able to settle on 1 thing being at the top.

A funny thing happened when I narrowed my priorities down to 1 priority:

  • I was able to focus better.
  • My day suddenly had purpose.
  • I felt less stressed.
  • My action items and next steps became clearer.

Something to think about today when you’re attacking your to-do list…

“A person with a priority does what matters, while a person without a priority does what is urgent”


Have a great day!
– Joel

Priority vs. Priorities

Yesterday’s beer was my #2 priority