Quick Refocus Questions 🙇‍♂️

What do you want?

How far along are you?

What is in the way?

Who is in the way?

How do you feel?

What is your very next *small* step?

Can you take that small step today, or start this week?


Good morning and happy Wednesday!

This question stack above has helped me refocus in crazy times, so I wanted to send it along and maybe it’ll help you too some day.

You don’t need to answer now and definitely don’t need to share with anyone. Even just reading them quickly sometimes in the morning can remind you of your purpose, progress, obstacles, and what needs to happen next.

Wishing you a great day ahead! And no matter where you are or what you get up to, know that I am proud of you and have your back 💯

Love, Joel

Sent in by Jason Brown… “During our trip to the Grand Canyon, here is a double rainbow I saw at Monument Valley”. (also, believe it or not, Jason said this pic was taken on an iPhone 4! haha)