What’s the second right answer?

Here’s a cool little trick to help you think outside the box more… When problem solving, ask yourself: “What’s the second right answer?” This removes the idea that there is 1 perfect solution to every problem, and gets you thinking more creatively. (If you remove sun, you can see the evening stars) Today: Challenge your Read more about What’s the second right answer?[…]

July 1st *Self* Worth Report

In the finance community, people update their Net Worth Report at the start of each month… But today, I’m evaluating my *Self Worth* instead. (Self worth is basically the same as Self Esteem… It’s confidence in one’s own abilities and assurance of who they are) Here are some areas in my life and a rating Read more about July 1st *Self* Worth Report[…]

Only got one life. Don’t blow it.

Kevin Hart said on a podcast recently… “I was married to my career and dating my family… (this was before breaking his back in a car accident) …but when you’re laying in the hospital, none of the stuff you “think” are valuable are in the room”. A good reminder to take a quick moment today Read more about Only got one life. Don’t blow it.[…]

Right place, right time. Look for the signs…

  About 6 months ago I was walking on the beach. It was one of those long, soul searching walks where I was feeling stuck and trying to figure out what the heck my purpose is in life. Am I on the right path? Am I making the right career moves? Stuff like that. All Read more about Right place, right time. Look for the signs…[…]

Cheer for yourself

  My friend said this yesterday… “We know the most famous people in the world, better than we know ourselves” It’s sad, but I think it’s kind of true. Sports stars; we memorize their batting averages, points, and record times. Business heroes; we study their career moves, big decisions, and accomplishments. Movie stars; we memorize Read more about Cheer for yourself[…]

leaky bucket fable

The Leaky Bucket – When Imperfections Are Advantages

There are several versions of this leaky bucket fable, but I like this short version the best. The Leaky Bucket Fable Two buckets lived in a village. They carried water every day from the river to the people. One bucket was old, warn, and cracked, and lost half it’s water by the time they reached their destination. It felt terrible Read more about The Leaky Bucket – When Imperfections Are Advantages[…]

Tomorrow’s memories

“Create moments today, that you want to remember tomorrow”   I’m feeling lazy this morning… I could quite easily sit on the couch and watch TV all day. But if I did that, come tomorrow, I would have dull memories. I’m capable of creating so much more in my life. So today, I’m going to: Spend Read more about Tomorrow’s memories[…]

Don’t complain… because…

“You are living someone else’s dream life”   Let’s think about this for a second… There is someone out there in the world right now that is less fortunate. When they close their eyes and dream of the perfect life, they picture your current situation. What you have, what you do, your freedom, etc… Given Read more about Don’t complain… because…[…]

Fireworks couple

It’s now 2020! Make Time This Year

  “So I should take time to reflect on my life regularly?” “Yes. Even 10 minutes of focused reflection a day can have a profound impact on the quality of your life.” “OK, but the problem is, once my day gets cranking I can’t even find 10 minutes to eat lunch!” “My friend, saying that Read more about It’s now 2020! Make Time This Year[…]