Reasons you might fail…

Here are some reasons people fail when trying new things…

  • They run out of time (and quit)
  • They run out of money (and quit)
  • It’s more challenging than they originally thought (so they quit)
  • People make fun of them (so they quit)
  • They get scared (and quit)
  • There’s too much competition out there (so they quit)
  • Nobody helps them (so they quit)
  • “Unfair” things happen to them (so they quit)

And here are the reasons people succeed when trying new things…

  • They just don’t quit, ever


Something to think about when you tackle your next new scary thing…

Are you a quitter, or a committer? (is that a real word? 😉)

Happy Thursday!
– Joel

Mortlock State Library Adelaide SA
“They’re playing opera music in here right now.. it’s quite a luxurious atmosphere”… From my sis who visited the Mortlock State Library in Adelaide, SA 🇦🇺