Zigging and zagging ↘️ ↗️

“Failure is a bend in the road, not the end of the road” – Roy T. Bennett Reminder for this week ahead: Life rarely goes in a straight line. Projects at work, relationships, finding balance at home, etc… They’re more like twisty, windy adventures. You gotta zig ↗️  and zag ↘️  accordingly. Happy Monday, happy Read more about Zigging and zagging ↘️ ↗️[…]

Success requires absolute commitment

Success requires absolute commitment

Happy Monday!! I saw this phrase the other day… “Success requires absolute commitment.” It’s got me thinking, am I absolutely committed to my goals? Or just like, mostly committed? Would I get up 2 hours earlier in the freezing morning to work on my goals? Would I say No to drinking with my buddies so Read more about Success requires absolute commitment[…]

Successful vs. Unsuccessful People

Successful People: Want others to succeed too Adapt to and welcome change Share and discuss ideas Take responsibility for failures Never stop learning Compliment others Forgive others   Unsuccessful People: Want others to fail Are scared of change Start rumors and gossip Blame others for mistakes Think they know everything Criticize others Hold grudges   Read more about Successful vs. Unsuccessful People[…]