Reminder of how blessed you are…

I receive a lot of email replies. And I love them all.

But sometimes I get a reply that leaves me absolutely speechless. Here’s a note I got last week from a reader named Chad… (sharing with his permission, of course)

“I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate that you give a description of all the pictures you post in the emails. I’m totally blind so wouldn’t know what was going on without the description”


Wow. This got me thinking…

– First, I should be more appreciative for all the natural blessings I have in life (full eyesight, mobility, no major health issues). I sometimes forget to be thankful for them because I assume that everyone has them. They don’t!

– Second, this reminds me that the smallest things to one person, mean a huge amount to another person. I should try to cater towards other people’s situations a bit better, instead of just assuming everyone is on the same page as me.

Some things to think about 🙂

Happy Friday, beautiful people! I love you all.
– Joel

Chad, this pic is for you! This photo shows our dog Cooper laying by the front door next to a pile of scattered and chewed up envelopes. Every day, Cooper goes nuts at the mailman… and when letters comes through our slot, Cooper immediately rips them to shreds. It’s a tough job defending the house and shredding letters, so Cooper takes a nap afterwards, satisfied that his work is done for the day.


**Update: Just received this from a different reader… “This reminds me of when Mr Roger’s was sent a letter from a little blind girl who was concerned that he wasn’t feeding his goldfish everyday. Because if he didn’t say he was feeding the goldfish, she didn’t know. After that, Mr Roger’s always said out loud when he was feeding his goldfish so she wouldn’t worry.

What an awesome story!!

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