Friday reminders…

Happy Friday! Quick reminders for today… – Look for the humor in stuff: Even when crap hits the fan, there’s always a funny side! – Celebrate the small stuff: I plan to have about 20 mini-celebrations today when tiny things go right. Don’t care how small it is, nobody can stop me from celebrating life. Read more about Friday reminders…[…]

be happy chalk

101 Random Things I’m Grateful For!

  Over the past few months I’ve been pulling out my phone and jotting down the little things that I’m grateful for in life. Random events throughout the day, surprising moments in nature, or when I’m reminded of how blessed I am! Below is my list of things I’m grateful for. There’s a 101 listed Read more about 101 Random Things I’m Grateful For![…]

virtue of thankfulness

Virtue of Thankfulness

  “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it” – William Arthur Ward Today, take a quick moment to say thanks or show appreciation to someone who has made a massive difference in your life. Make your day, by making their day. I can’t think of a better Read more about Virtue of Thankfulness[…]