Reminder: 100 days until Valentines Day 2022

Happy Friday, beautiful souls!

This is your annual reminder that starting tomorrow (Saturday Nov 6th) it’ll be exactly 100 days until Valentine’s Day 2022!

So if you want to try making the most romantic (and FREE) Valentine’s Day gift of 100 love letters, tomorrow is the day to start.

About ~15 people did it last year and told me it blew their partner away. Even if you only make it half way it’s still a really thoughtful gift. 😍

If you wanna try it, check out the full instructions here, which includes 20 letter ideas to get you started! Here’s my book from 2020 I made for wifey👇👇

In other news, I got my covid booster shot this week! It kicked my ass for about 48 hours — so plan accordingly if you haven’t got yours yet.

Wishing you all a lovely Friday and happy weekend ahead!
– Joel ❤️

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