Setbacks vs Comebacks

Setbacks are common. They are unavoidable, and throw you off course when you least expect it. Everyone has setbacks in life.

Comebacks are less common. They have to be earned. Comebacks are reserved for hard workers, positive thinkers, problem solvers and people with unwavering perseverance.

If you only dwell on your setbacks, they will define your life.

But if you believe that setbacks are opportunities, you can lead a life of comebacks! (And trust me… comebacks are waaaay stronger than setbacks.)

So what’s it gonna be?… Are you going to dwell on your setbacks today?… Or are you going to roll up your sleeves and show the world how strong you are?

I’m choosing the latter. 🙂

Happy Thursday!
– Joel

Dinner at my friend’s house last night by the ocean! Followed by a couple games of Sequence 🙂