Stop me from doing something dumb

I have a scathing email sitting in my draft folder right now… I wrote it yesterday but never hit send. 😈

It’s emotional, scornful, and no good will come from it.

But, I still kind of want to sent it!!… (Because honestly I feel helpless and bullied and am having a really hard time getting over this dumb situation).

Soooooo… what I need you all to do right now is hit “reply” to this email and say something along the lines of JOEL DON’T SEND THAT EMAIL. NO GOOD WILL COME FROM IT, YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT. And feel free to include a happy quote or antidote that helps you calm down and keep your lid on in situations like this.

After that, my inbox will be so clogged with replies and happy thoughts that I’ll be distracted and busy all day reading and will never get around to sending my silly email.

Actually, never mind. I’m already starting to get over things…

It’s Friday. Life is good. The weather is good. The surf is good. There’s no sense in wasting good future minutes on negative past thoughts. Onward and upward.

Thank you for letting me get this out. Happy Friday!!
– Joel

Fav beer from Montana this summer… Laughing Dog Huckleberry Cream Ale 🙂