Gratitude all round

If you have a roof over your head right now, look up and say “Thank you mr. roof! You are awesome!”

If you have food in your fridge right now, open it up and say “Good morning delicious foods, I can’t wait to eat you later!”

If you have money in your purse… “Hello coins and bills. Thank you for traveling so far and long to end up in my care!”

If you live with your family, tell them all… “I love you! Let’s watch a fun movie together tonight”.

If you have a light schedule this weekend, tell yourself… “I’m so grateful for this free time and will not waste a second of it! In fact, I might even spend some of my minutes making other people’s day better!”


Happy weekend, my friends! Wishing you a lovely time enjoying all the blessings you have in life.
Love Joel

Pic from Stacie… “Wanted to share a couple of pics for the 2 lasagnas I made over the last 2 weeks for a couple of families. 😀 July 29th was National Lasagna Day and the organization had a goal of delivering 10,000 lasagnas!”