Surround yourself with positive people

I have a challenge for you this coming month…

  1. Think of someone really positive, upbeat, and happy that you don’t regularly speak with. (Or, find someone new in your extended network that you think is cool and motivating).
  2. Reach out to them. A short text, DM, or email saying hello and something uplifting. (Eg. Hey Steven! Haven’t chatted in a while — just want to say happy Friday and I hope you have a kickass weekend. Life is good!)
  3. Repeat this each week, sparking small conversations here and there.
  4. Over time, your circle will expand, and your weeks will be filled with more positive interactions and uplifting crosstalk.

Socializing with bright people —> has a huge impact on your own brightness.

Make it a good one,
– Joel 🌻⭐️😎

Pic from Camilla: “On my way home from work today and saw this beautiful sunset in rural northeast Kansas”.