Who are you surfing with?

Surfing group

While surfing yesterday I noticed everyone was divided into 2 groups out in the water.

The good surfers were way out at the deepest break, competing for the better waves. And the newer/beginner surfers all sat in a pack much closer to shore and caught the leftovers.

I’m experienced enough to surf in either spot, but I usually tend to hang in the easy zone where it’s comfortable. I do well there. There’s no confrontation, and it’s safe.

What a WIMP!

So yesterday I headed out to surf with the experts. All 20-30 y/o fit dudes that surf every day. I found myself paddling harder, pushing myself more, taking riskier waves, and staying alert. All in all, I surfed better and learned more.

I believe we all come across situations where we’d rather hang with the ‘feel good’ crowd vs. trying to better ourself. But we can’t stay in the comfort zone for too long or we may be ripping ourselves off on growth opportunities.

So…. Let me ask you this…

Who are you surfing next to today? Experts or beginners?


** Pic up top by Guy Kawasaki