You are a badass

“The badass in me recognizes the badass in you”


You might not see it yourself yet, but I see it… You are a badass.

  • You’re great at solving problems.
  • You are a hard worker.
  • People depend on you and look up to you.
  • You fight for what you believe in.
  • You walk a non-traditional path (and make it look easy!)
  • You test the limits.
  • You’re an out-of-the-box kind of thinker.
  • You set your own rules.

You’ve survived all the crap life has thrown at you so far. And although you might not feel prepared for more tough times, you will get through them just fine. Because: you are a badass.

Make it a great day!


*Feature pic by Brooke Lark

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