You are an eagle…

One day, a farmer found an eagle’s egg.

He took the egg home and put it in his chicken coop.

After a while, the eagle egg hatched, along with several baby chickens too.

Growing up, the eagle thought he was a chicken – just like the family around him. He walked the ground like a chicken, pecked his food like a chicken, and ran from predators like a chicken.

Then one day, the eagle looked up and saw another huge eagle soaring in the skies above. “Wow! What’s that?”, he asked the other chickens.

They told him, “That’s an eagle. Eagles fly freely and rule the skies. We can’t do that though, we are just chickens. We can’t leave our coop.”

And so the eagle lived the rest of his life as a chicken, and died as a chicken. Sadly, he never believed he was more, and never tried to be more.


Dear person reading this: YOU are an eagle.

You have more capabilities than you think you have. Try expanding your beliefs and searching outside of your immediate environment.

Eagles can do whatever they want. And so can you. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Have a great day,
Love Joel

Our bougainvillea is in full bloom. So beautiful! 


*Feature pic by William Moreland