You can still have fun, even when it’s broken

I got a HUGE bounce house off of Craigslist last week.

I was soooo excited to blow it up and host the neighborhood kids. They all waited patiently and watched me as I set it up in the front yard…

But sadly, when I plugged the blower in, the bounce house didn’t fully inflate. Turns out there are holes in it (probably beyond repair). 😥

I was so sad… I feel like I let the kids down. Getting them all excited about a bounce house then disappointing them.

I was about to pack it up when one of the little girls came up to me and said, “don’t worry Uncle Joel. We can still have fun even when it’s broken”

And all the kids proceeded to jump, roll, laugh, chase each other, and have fun on this crappy broken bounce house.


Kids don’t worry if things are ‘perfect’. They just want to have fun and play.

And it made me think — Adults should have more creative attitudes like this too!

So this week: When things don’t go your way or turn out ‘broken’, remember: You can still have fun even if it’s broken.

Happy Monday! Have a great week,
– Joel

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