Real Estate Syndication Complex

Syndications for Beginners: What is a Real Estate Syndication?

  In late 2018, I changed my primary investment strategy to real estate syndications. I’ve invested $100k so far across 2 different apartment complex deals, and plan to fund another 2-3 syndication projects in 2019 also. What the heck is a real estate syndication anyway??? To help answer this question I’ve asked Michael Bishop from Read more about Syndications for Beginners: What is a Real Estate Syndication?[…]

Why are you in the water?

I was out surfing yesterday. The weather was perfect, waves were great, and I even saw some baby dolphins jumping around nearby! I was loving life. But as I swam past a couple other guys, I overheard them talking… They were complaining that the water was too cold, the tide was too low, and they Read more about Why are you in the water?[…]

making mistakes real estate

Making Mistakes in Real Estate – We All Do It

  Sometimes I feel like the world‘s worst real estate investor. Even with all the books, podcasts, and knowledge I’ve consumed over the years, I still regularly screw up, waste time, lose money, and make rookie mistakes. I’m not alone…   Perfect Investors: – don’t lose money, – don’t make mistakes – don’t need help Read more about Making Mistakes in Real Estate – We All Do It[…]

together we figure it out!

Everything is figureoutable

  Do you have a really hard problem to solve? Something you’ve never done before? Pull in a team member or friend to help! Still cant solve it? Bring in another person for advice. Then more people, if needed. The more people you bring together, the bigger your invisible collective brain grows. And with enough Read more about Everything is figureoutable[…]