Better dreams to dream


“Many people dream of money, because they have no other dreams to dream”.


I’ll admit, I used to dream about money quite a bit. I had big hopes, and saw dollar signs when I closed my eyes.

But things changed when I…

  • started spending more time outside. Traveling, camping, surfing, riding my bike.
  • started focusing on helping others, instead of myself.
  • replaced wishing with working and action.
  • listened more to older and wiser people (old people actually know a thing or two about what’s important in life 👵🏻 )
  • started educating myself on how money actually works.

These days, I’m proud to say that money no longer plagues my dreams. I have way too many other important and valuable things to occupy my thoughts, and life!

Pic from the 2013 archives 🙂

PS. I’m going camping again starting today. Off grid with no phone, so I won’t be seeing you ’til Monday! Happy 4th of July weekend!
– Joel