Happy Monday! Back to “reality”.

I always found it tough returning to work after a long weekend. Most people do.

But something changed a few years back…

I started watching unhappy people, and noting the things they do. Then, I tried to do the complete opposite.

  • Instead of complaining about Mondays, I embraced them.
  • Instead of talking about the things that ‘work’ was taking away from my life, I focussed on the value of that work was bringing to my life.
  • Instead of living in the past weekend, I started living for the present day and the future.
  • Instead of smirking, frowning, or eye-rolling, I forced myself to smile, laugh, and make funny faces to cheer people up.

The weekend might be over and you might need to “go back to reality” today. But don’t forget… You control what your reality is. This week will be as good or as bad as you make it.

Happy Monday! Time to do what you do best.
Joel 🙂

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