Should I be hurtful or helpful? 🤷‍♂️

Last week my kid had a small cough. And even though the doctor checked him out, said everything was fine, wrote a note, etc… the teachers wouldn’t let him back at school until the cough was gone. So, he stayed home with me all last week. Anyway, he’s better now, back at school, but yesterday Read more about Should I be hurtful or helpful? 🤷‍♂️[…]

Be someone’s rainbow this weekend 🌩🌈

Good morning and happy Saturday!! How ya’ll feeling out there? I read a really cool quote the other day — “be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud” Got me thinking… We all have the awesome ability to make a difference in someone else’s life. Most rainbows pop up unexpectedly, and instantly cheer people up. And Read more about Be someone’s rainbow this weekend 🌩🌈[…]

Ultimate Life Hack: Help Others Win

Ultimate life hack: Help others win Helping other people win more, learn more, grow more, be happier, be healthier, be richer, and live more fulfilling lives will magically bring you everything you want in your life. How does it work specifically? I don’t know. It just does. Try it. Help others win. And have a Read more about Ultimate Life Hack: Help Others Win[…]

Better dreams to dream

  “Many people dream of money, because they have no other dreams to dream”.   I’ll admit, I used to dream about money quite a bit. I had big hopes, and saw dollar signs when I closed my eyes. But things changed when I… started spending more time outside. Traveling, camping, surfing, riding my bike. Read more about Better dreams to dream[…]

Feel | Felt | Found – A cool trick I learned in sales

This is an old sales tactic I was taught many years ago. It’s helped me in my sales career, but more importantly it also helps me A LOT with personal situations outside of work. It’s called: Feel Felt Found When someone comes to you with a problem, an objection, a complaint, or a narrow mindset… Read more about Feel | Felt | Found – A cool trick I learned in sales[…]