Celebrate other people’s stuff!

Mornin’ everyone.

Yesterday, my Dad got some good news. He signed a new deal at at work.

And while this might not mean much to you (it’s just a contract between two companies you’ve never heard of), it’s a very exciting time for him.

Leading a life of celebration means joining in on other people’s successes, regardless if they are relevant to you and your world.

So I ask you to raise a virtual cheers for my Dad and his win. His celebration can now be your celebration. 🥂

Also, I would love to know (and share) the good stuff that’s going on in your world. Big, small, irrelevant or a win someone else… shoot me a reply and put it out there in the world. I want to celebrate your stuff!

Have an awesome day,

Ps. I read news this morning that Shaquille O’Neal saw a guy in a jewelry store shopping for an engagement ring, and ended up paying for it as a gift! Now THAT is sharing in other people’s celebrations!

 Dad on the right, his coworker on the left. Out for a celebratory coffee yesterday.