Cheer for yourself


My friend said this yesterday…

“We know the most famous people in the world, better than we know ourselves”

It’s sad, but I think it’s kind of true.

Sports stars; we memorize their batting averages, points, and record times.

Business heroes; we study their career moves, big decisions, and accomplishments.

Movie stars; we memorize lines from their films 20 years ago, and recall how good they looked in that beautiful dress that one time.

But, how well do we know ourselves?

  • what are your big stats?
  • what major accomplishments are you most proud of?
  • what big career moves did you make? And what month/year was that?
  • what things can you do that most others can’t?
  • what outfit were you wearing that day when your butt looked so good? 😉

Might be worth spending 5 mins today to remember how awesome YOU are. Get to know yourself more 🙂

Happy Friday!
– Joel


PS. Check out what Kanye says about cheering for yourself.


Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash