The Leaky Bucket

Two buckets lived in a village. They carried water every day from the river to the people.

One bucket was old, warn, and cracked, and lost half it’s water by the time they reached their destination. It felt terrible not fulfilling it’s sole purpose.

However the younger, newer bucket (without cracks) told the older bucket to look behind the trail they walked each day… The water dripping from the older bucket had watered a beautiful path of flowers.


“Precisely the thing you thought made you broken was the exact same thing which made you so powerful. What you thought was your greatest flaw, was exactly what I needed to make our world a more beautiful place.” – Rabbi Jason Rosenberg

Cheers to my buddy Blair Pitcairn for sharing this old fable with me. There are several versions of this story, I like this short one the best 🙂

Embrace your flaws today, peeps – they are probably what makes you so awesome!
Joel 🌸


PS. I had a similar story about 8 months ago… When you see weakness, others see strength!

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