Month updates, parents teaching kids, and 100 days left this year!

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, my Mum offered to give me $100 if I could give up eating chocolate for 1 whole year.

$100 was more money than I could even fathom at that age! But do you know how hard it is for a kid to not eat chocolate? Birthday party treats, Easter, everything is chocolate flavored when you’re a kid…

Well, I did it. Actually, I did it 3 times! 3 full years without chocolate.

At the time I was in it for the $$ reward… But then later realized I picked up some invaluable life skills too. Delayed gratification, perseverance, and self control.

You can’t buy character traits like this. I’m so thankful to my parents for teaching me and challenging me as a kid.

Here are 6 other ways my parents taught me about independence, and other cool life lessons 🙂  (I’d love to hear how you’re teaching your kids – shoot me a reply to this email)

Other fun stuff going on:

– What happens when you journal every single day for 15 minutes? –> You’ll find ground breaking personal insight and perspective. My buddy Jeremy is hosting a writing course starting this Monday, Sep 28th. Check it out or sign-up here (I’m attending and it only cost me 1 cent!)

– Chuck Feeney sets a wicked example by giving away his entire fortune anonymously. As they saying goes:  “Do your givin’… while you’re livin’… So you’ll be knowin’… where it’s a goin’!”

– There are 100 days left until Jan 1st, 2021. So if you ever wanted to start a 100 day challenge, TODAY is the day to start! 🙂

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Have an awesome day!
– Joel


*Feature pic by Ben White